Duration: 5th November to 19th November (Over 3 Weekends)

12-Hours plus | 4 to 6 PM IST

Week – 01: Day-01

  • Blank Mind to Theme to Premise
  • Writing from the Heart
  • Story World
  • Character’s World
  • Contrast and Irony
  • World and Exposition
  • Research and Consistency
  • Exercises

Week – 01: Day-02

  • Character vs Story
  • Character’s Activity and Action
  • Character Types and Functions
  • Character and Context
  • Character Elements
  • Character Arc
  • Character Arc vs. Catalytic
  • Building Characters
  • Exercises

Week – 02: Day-01

  • Approaches to Structure
  • Aristotle and Poetics
  • Elements of Structure
  • Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations
  • The Art of Dramatic Writing
  • The Hero’s Journey
  • The Three-Act Structure
  • Innovative Structure
  • Exercises

Week – 02: Day-02

  • Power and Conflict
  • The Orchestration of Power and Conflict
  • Types of Story Conflict
  • The Beat and Making a Scene
  • Sequences and Subplot Sequences
  • Step Outlines and Beat-Sheets
  • Exercises

Week – 03: Day-01

  • Narrative
  • The Role of Dialogue and Techniques
  • Exposition
  • Technical Do’s and Don’ts of Dialogue
  • The First Draft
  • Rewriting and Revisions
  • Formats of Screenplays
  • Exercises

Week – 03: Day-02

  • The Beginning of a screenplay
  • The Climax of a screenplay
  • Copyrights and Pitching Overview
  • Evaluation and Wind-up


Sab John Edathattil

Sab John Edathattil, is one of the leading screenwriting and storytelling voices of South India, especially in Malayalam and Tamil film industry.

He is Chief Mentor at ScreenWrite.In, India’s only Screenwriting Studio he founded in 2009; Professor and Head of Screenwriting at L V Prasad Film and Television Academy (2009-2018), and Loyola LIVE, Chennai. Also, John is a jury at FICCI Frames Awards, Mumbai since 2008.

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