How to Write a Great Suspense-Mystery for OTT & Digital Movies

Duration: Nov 26th to Dec 11th 2022 (Over 3 Weekends)

12-Hours plus | 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM IST

How to Write a Great Suspense-Mystery for OTT & Digital Movies is a practically guided Workshop from Inspiration to Finished Screenplay... of course, with your continued writing and rewriting!


• Hands on experience on devising, developing, arranging, writing, rewriting, and refining a mystery screenplay.

• Learn ‘how-to’ write a decent suspense-mystery step-by-step, starting with building appealing, lifelike, actively dramatic characters, that generate a complicated yet convincing plot full of mystery, danger, unpredictability, and intense conflict.

Week – 01: Day-01

  • Why We Read Mysteries
  • What Mystery Writers Should Know
  • The Good/Bad/Ugly – Ideas
  • The Plot Behind the Plot
  • Crafting a Murderer
  • Exercises

Week – 01: Day-02

  • How to Go Close to a Murderer
  • The Hero/Investigator
  • Inventing Your Best Hero
  • The Other Characters: Some Fictional, Some Not
  • Interesting Devices for Mystery Writers
  • Exercises

Week – 02: Day-01

  • Plotting, Step-sheets, Flowcharts
  • The Four Strong Points of Mystery
  • Designing the Plot
  • Plotting Theory
  • Exercises

Week – 02: Day-02

  • The Hero Gets to Work
  • How the Hero Figures It All Out
  • Bringing a Gripping Climax
  • Things to Wrap Up
  • The Murderer in the Bag
  • Writing Effective Prose

Week – 03: Day-01

  • Art of Writing the Suspense/Mystery Scene
  • Creating a Sense of Place
  • Clues and Misdirection
  • Suspense, Action, Reflection
  • Layering Backstory
  • Exercises

Week – 03: Day-02

  • Viewpoints and Voices of Suspense/Mystery
  • Revisions and Checklist:
  • The Premise, The Sleuth, The Crime
  • The Victim’s Secrets, The Villain
  • Innocent Suspects
  • A Blueprint for Suspense/Mystery


Sab John Edathattil

Sab John Edathattil, is one of the leading screenwriting and storytelling voices of South India, especially in Malayalam and Tamil film industry.

He is Chief Mentor at ScreenWrite.In, India’s only Screenwriting Studio he founded in 2009; Professor and Head of Screenwriting at L V Prasad Film and Television Academy (2009-2018), and Loyola LIVE, Chennai. Also, John is a jury at FICCI Frames Awards, Mumbai since 2008.

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